Jah Cure to replace Bounty Killer

Dear Sundance Massive!
Bounty Killer’s management today informed us that they have not succeeded in getting their visas back from the embassy in time to make their flights. We tried every possible option to see if there was any other way to reschedule flights to get them to the festival, unfortunately that was not possible.
This leaves us with the virtually impossible task to replace a unique artist just a few days before the festival.

Luckily, we have found another exceptional singer that is willing and able to come over and entertain you. Its none other then the mighty Jah Cure!
Of course we are very thankful to him and his management to have solved this situation at such short notice!

We are sure that many fans will be glad to see ‘The Cure’ back on the Reggae Sundance Festival 2016 stage after his legendary appearance back in 2007.

Again, our deepest apologies for this late change of program, this was totally beyond our control and we tried to solve it in the best possible way.