The singing Bird Taffari is back at Reggae Sundance. After exactly 10 years he wil make his appearance again on our stage with the Ruff Kut Band.

Boris Anthony Silvera, more popularly known as Taffari. His initial alias Singing Bird described his sound perfectly. However he changed it to Taffari, which he believes better emulates his seriousness about his music and the message that he wants to bring across. This inspirational singer was born in the parish of St. Mary in a district called Bagnold Spring on the 8th day of March.

Taffari captured the vision that he wanted for his life from the tender age of 14. From that time onwards his focus has been on music. Through persistence and dedication, Taffari recorded his first song ‘Nice Girl’ in 1988, a combination between him and a singer called Lanny who was also the producer for that song. Following this, he did a remake of Mille Small’s ‘My Boy Lollipop’ for producer Phillip ‘Fattis’ Burrel, owner of the Xterminator label. This song was recorded by Syl Gordon at Gussie Clarke’s Music Works II Studio. He also recorded for other producers such as Mikey Magic, Impact from New York, Super Blast and policeman Isaiah Laing. Some of these songs were never released.

Taffari then took a break to focus on writing new songs and in 1997 he recorded the song ‘Take I Away (Eastern Side)’ on a remake of Dennis Brown’s ‘Tribulation’ rhythm, recorded by Syl Gordon. At this point Taffari was now recording songs for the legendary engineer Cedrica ‘Soljie’ Hamilton, Firehouse Crew, the New York based J&D, Mighty music, Ovadose productions, Roaring Lion and Chris Records.

Taffari eventually went to foreign and gained international succes in other sections of the world including Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago and others. The lyrics of his music aim to help people overcome the spiritual obstacles they encounter on a daily basis. When Taffari sings a song, he delivers it from his soul with true emotions and positive and uplifting messages.

He also collaborated with various artistes such as Luciano, Junior Kelly, Lutan Fyah, Anthony B, Turbulence, Gentleman and a few others. In 2004 he released his first album ‘Addicted to Music’ that was produced by ALTAFAAN records, a label which he is a member of. Following this he released several singles for the likes of the German based labels Silly Walks Movement andPow Pow He also recorded songs for producers such as Energy (Richie B’s label), Cell Block, 321 Strong (owned by Syl Gordon) and Soljie Hamilton.

In 2006 he took another break from the music which marked the genesis of his spiritual rebirth. During this time, he reviewed his past so as to analyze his weaknesses, to capitalize on his strength and to identify his threats as well as his opportunities. Having reviewed the past, he has resurrected.

In 2015 Taffari teamed up with World A Reggae, returned to the studio and penned down a song called “Life’s Changes’, about .the hardships he had been going through in the past years.

In March 2016 Taffari releases another personal track called “Christian Soldiers”which he will certainly perform at Reggae Sundance.

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