House rules

The following items are allowed at the festival area:

  • Small backpack or bag;
  • Plaid or blanket;
  • Poncho’s;
  • Powerbank;
  • Simple (digital) fotocamera;
  • Flagpoles (max. 2 cm width and 2 mtrs long);
  • Small umbrella;
  • See through and closed small water-bottles;
  • Good mood :)
  • Sun cream

The following things are not allowed at the festival area:

  • Empty foldable water bag (max. 400 ml), camel bag or other water container such as aluminium or glass bottles are not allowed.
  • Drugs;
  • Food items;
  • Laughing gas;
  • Fire hazardous goods, like spray cans / hairspray;
  • Glass, Cans or any plastic bottles (except see through and closed water-bottles);
  • Glow sticks, ‘fairy lights’, laserpens etc.
  • Large bagpacks; animals and pets (except for guide dogs for the blinds);
  • Markers;
  • Needles;
  • Aircrafts (s.a. UAV and Drones);
  • Plastic (bouw)zeil;
  • Professional video- and recording equipment. (such as action camera’s and/or GoPro’s);
  • All cameras with interchangeable lenses are seen by the organization as professional and are therefore not allowed. Action cameras, including GoPros, are also not allowed;
  • Provocative or face covering masks or clothes
  • Selfiesticks;
  • Skates, bikes, scooters, skateboards;
  • Banners;
  • Solar chargers;
  • Spray-cans (except deodorant and parfume);
  • Horns and other obnoxious noisemakers;
  • Footballshirts or motorclub colors;
  • Fireworks, flares and confetti shooters;
  • Walking sticks (excluding medical crutches);
  • Weapons and such items that can be used as weapons.
  • Waterpipes;
  • Dangerous or hazardous objects. In cases of doubt the head of security has the final say;
  • Visitors must adhere to the rules as they can be read here and by purchasing a ticket they automatically agree to our terms and conditions. Visitors can be searched at the entrance.
  • Those who do not submit to this may be refused entry without refund of entrance fees. There is no confiscation where objects can be temporarily stored. If it concerns legally prohibited objects, they will be confiscated. Confiscated or discarded objects will not be returned to the visitor.
  • Reggae Sundance visitors under the age of 18 are prohibited from purchasing and/or consuming alcohol. In addition, visitors aged 18 and older are not allowed to give alcohol to visitors under the age of 18.
  • Illegal sale of T-shirts, other souvenirs and food and drink to third parties, with the aim of making a profit, is prohibited. If visitors do not comply with the rules, they can be removed from the festival.
  • Cameras are installed to ensure the safety of the public. Unfortunately there are pickpockets everywhere.
  • Promotional images/photos/videos are also made for the festival and our partners. By entering the festival grounds you automatically give permission for this, see the ticket sales conditions for more information. Making fires is strictly prohibited. You endanger yourself and the other festival visitors. Removal from the site follows.

Food / Drink Tokens

  • All bars and food stalls will accept tokens.
  • Tokens can be obtained at the token box offices or vending machines. They accept Maestro bankcards(PIN), Credit cards and Cash.
  • Unused tokens will not be refunded.


  • In case of an emergency stay calm, be aware of your own safety as a prior.
  • Follow instructions that will be given to you from the main stage and / or Security staff.
  • Always be aware of where the nearest emergency exit is located.
  • First Aid post is next to the children’s play corner.
  • The first aid post on the festival site is open during the opening hours of the festival site.
  • We recommend to always be aware of (extreme) weather circumstances.
  • Sun lotion is allowed so don’t forget to bring that with you if needed.
  • Drink enough water (free available at the venue).
  • Be prepared for any type of weather. Wear layers in your clothing and make sure you have rain gear and good shoes.

Kids are welcome!

Kids up to and including 12 years are free when accompanied by an adult.