About us

It all started in 1995 when we decided it was time to organize an open-air festival for reggae & world music, with the emphasis on reggae. It was going to be a festival available for as many people as pos-sible, because of low priced tickets.

Reggae is thé music to be enjoyed in the open air, preferably with sunshine and a big audience. With this in mind the first edition of Reggae Sundance in 1996, was or-ganized at the Kunstijsbaan in Eindhoven.

That this assumption turned out right, was the fact that the ’‘Sundance“ audiences grew steadily. From 1750 visitors during the 1st edition in 1996 to 50.000 during the weekends of 2007 and 2008.

Apart from the international live programme, our visitors will find all sorts of entertainment at the venue to enjoy. There are several DJ area’s, live-art, workshops, free children’s corner and several works of art. In the foodcourt you will find a wide scale of exotic snacks and meals from all over the world. The venue, from the various food stands via the cozy festival market up to the cocktail bar is always decorated in style. 

These elements, together with the great input from many volunteers create the famous Reggae Sun-dance atmosphere. Our special thanks goes to them, because due to these our volunteers we can still keep the entrance fees at an acceptable level. 

Our first editions were in the 3rd weekend of August. This was not only because of the then (nearly always) nice weather, but also the birthday of Marcus Garvey is in that week. He was one of the great prophets who inspired many reggae artists and was often the topic of songs by legends like Burning Spears and Bob Marley.

Nowadays you will find us in the 2nd weekend of August and this year again at the Karpendonkse Plas in Eindhoven.

We can’t wait till August the 12th, to enjoy the sweet sounds and irie vibe of reggae music again!


Kids are welcome!

Kids up to and including 12 years are free when accompanied by an adult.