About us

Organizer Panic Productions decided in 1995 that it was time to organize an open-air reggae & world music festival that everybody was able to enjoy….

The main reason being that there was no outdoor festival in the Netherlands that programmed mainly reggae music. This whilst reggae is absolutely thé music to be enjoyed in the open air, always creating a sunny and relaxed atmosphere.

Now after 14 editions the festival has definitely proven its right to exist. During these years the number of visitors grew from 1750 in 1996 to an amazing 50.000 spread over the weekend at the 2008 edition!

After that year The festival had a sabbatical period until its return as a 1-day event in 2013.

Besides a great line up the visitors enjoyed all kinds of entertainment such as a huge festival market, workshops, art and live performers. And for our youngest visitors the free children’s-entertainment corner was usually the most popular destination.

Nuff food for the hungry, at food-stalls with exotic snacks & meals from all over the globe, to let you not only hear, but also taste the Caribbean vibes. The venue is completely decorated in style to guarantee the famous relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the REGGAE SUNDANCE festival.

Talking about that atmosphere we must not forget that the festival is only possible because of a great number of volunteers, who help create that Irie atmosphere and are also an important contribution to the fact that the ticket and consumption fees are still at a very reasonable level.

The original choice for the 3rd weekend of August was not only because of the beautiful weather that we have enjoyed through most of the editions. August 17th is also the birthday of Marcus Garvey, one of the great prophets who was very inspirational to the Rastafarian movement and many legendary reggae-artists such as Bob Marley and Burning Spear.

Unfortunately because of the change of date some years ago of the huge Lowlands festival to “our” weekend, we had to move to the 2nd weekend of August.

The festival camping, which wasn’t available for the 2013 edition returned in 2014 as we decided after numerous requests to restore the festival to its old form as a 3 day event again! Unfortunately a huge storm struck that year, leaving us with no other option then to take a a sabbatical year in 2015.

This in order to refocus and see what steps to take to aim for the next edition in 2016.