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Like every festival we also like to keep our vibes Irie. Please respect Reggae Sundance house rules.

On entering the  Reggae Sundance event terrain, the parking area’s and the campsite you agree with the following conditions:
• Reggae Sundance is only accessible with a valid entrance ticket.
• The Organization has the right to refuse visitors without reason, and to reimburse the ticket costs.
• It is mandatory to carry a valid ID card.
• There is no minimum age limit, but visitors under the age of 16 have to be supervised by an adult.
• It is forbidden under the Dutch law to sell and/or consume alcohol for visitors younger than 18 years of age. Also it is forbidden for visitors older than 18 years to give alcohol to visitors under the age of 18.
• All visitors agree to visitation at the entrance, but if necessary anywhere else also.
• The following goods are not allowed on the festival terrain:
. Professional video equipment, and recording equipment and tablets.
. Alcoholic drinks, or soft drinks with the exception of closed (new) soft
packets/cartons with fruit juice and water.
. Food items.
. Fireworks and fire hazardous goods, like spray cans / hairspray.
. Weapons and such items that can be used as weapons.
. Party tents, big sun umbrella’s and lounge chairs.
. Pets.
. Sound systems.
• The organization is not responsible for material and immaterial damage to the visitor in any which form.
• All visitors have to comply immediately to the directions of security personnel and/or the Organization. Failure to do so, will result in removal from the terrain, without reimbursing of the ticket fees.
• For everybody’s security there is a CCTV camera system on and around the whole festival area.
• During the Reggae Sundance Festival there will be filming. On entering the terrain you agree unconditionally, for unlimited time and irreversibly to these recordings made of you, while recording the Reggae Sundance festival. Recordings to be  publicized worldwide whether or not in enhanced form, to be reproduced, to be shown, and to be repeated, or to be exploited in any which form.
• The Organization reserves the right to remove visitors, because of inappropriate/troublesome behaviour, drunkenness, violence, discrimination or overstepping the house rules. Possibly to be handed over to the police.
• Entering the venue is at your own risk.
• In all situations wherein these house rules do not provide, the Organization has the final say.

We wish you a pleasant and Irie stay at our festival.